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Mrs. Suman Agrawal

Mrs. Suman Agrawal

Specialist Mumbai , India

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Mrs. Suman Agrawal

Dietitian, Specialist Mumbai, India

Profile of Suman Agarwal
It’s never a pleasant task to meet a nutritionist, especially if you are an ardent foodie and have to knock off those unwanted kilos. Once you meet Suman Agarwal, however, you’ll most likely change your views. Not just because of her gorgeous looks and svelte figure, traits that will naturally draw you in given her profession, but more because of her unique philosophy—to keep her clients happy while losing or gaining weight. With that goal in mind, she founded Selfcare—a centre that takes a holistic approach towards health and nutrition.  
An entrepreneur, classical singer and passionate dancer, Suman’s journey in this fast-growing field dates back to 2001 when she became an Oxford certified nutritionist (Certificate Course in Food and Nutrition, Oxford University, U.K (Aff)). After which she went on to become a qualified fitness trainer from the National Institute of Aerobics (Certificate Course in Fitness from NIA). 
After amassing a huge network of clients in a short span of time, including powerful industrialists and Bollywood celebrities, she soon realised how important it was to dispel myths related to food and forayed into the world of writing with her debut book “The Don’t Diet Diet Cook Book”, which went on to become a bestseller simply by word of mouth. Since then, she has written two morebooks—“Unjunked” which fouses on healthy eating for weight loss and “Superkids”, which has child-friendly healthy recipes as the name suggests.
Given her impressive achievement and extensive work in her field, she was invited to become an Honorary Member of Rotary Mumbai Divas, besides being on the Advisory Board of Annam—an organisation thathelps underprivileged children and women in Mumbai by providing nutrition supplements and nutritious snacks. 
Looking at the pace at which her venture Selfcareis growing and different facets of lifestyle management she has been involved in, Suman joined an esteemed group of professionals, bagging the ‘Best Nutritionist Award’ at the Vogue Beauty Awards in 2015. Besides her centres in Mumbai, Suman also runs one in the city of joy, Kolkata. She heads these clinics with a team of 15 nutritionists and strength of 30 employees.
Under her guidance and supervision, Selfcare offers a vast range of services ranging from weight-loss to weight-maintenance, weight-gain, pregnancy diet, lactation, diet for senior citizens,diets for boosting immunity, post cancer treatment, hypertension, arthritis, migraine,PCOD, endocrinal disorders, food allergies, child nutrition and so on.The packages are customise by Suman and her team based on the client’s medical history and lifesyle as Suman believes that food isn’t just a mode of sustenance, but also a means that connects you culturally and socially.
Selfcare takes care of you even when you are “on the go”with plans that fit in your travel itinerary while you are away from home. Communicating, sharing,listening and opening doors that previously didn’t exist, Selfcare organises various interactive sessions in the corporate sector as well as schools to create health awareness.
With social media growing at a quick pace and with several professionals and out-station clients finding it difficult to actually make it to her centres in India, Suman, along with her daughter, Priyanka Agarwal, launched a successful online module recently, making Selfcare now‘just a click away’.The diet programs offered online enables overworked and busy individuals to monitor their health from the comfort of their workplace or home. 
Renowned French writer François de La Rochefoucauld once said, “To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”

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