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Benefits of Aniseed (Sauf)

Benefits of Aniseed (Sauf)


Benefits of Aniseed (Sauf) from Medical Point of View

Sauf is one of the oldest spices it is used for Flavoring, Curries, Cookies and Biscuits. It possess several medicinal properties which are due to the presence of an essential oil known as Anise Oil. This oil is employed in Medicine as Aromatic Carminative.

1. DIGESTIVE DISORDERS: Aniseed is an ideal medicine for expelling wind from the Stomach. It can also be taken in combination with other digestive like Ginger Cumin and Pepper in the form of an Infusion. The famous gripe water for infants, which all mothers swear by, contains not much more than the aniseed extract.

2. ASTHMA: Aniseed removes catarrhal matter and phlegm from the Bronchial Tube. It is therefore considered beneficial for Asthma.

3. INSOMNIA: A tea made from Aniseed is considered valuable in sleeplessness. This tea is prepared by boiling about 375 ml of water in a vessel and adding a teaspoon of Aniseed. The water should be covered with a lid and allowed to simmer for 15 minutes.It should be strained and drunk hot or warm, after sweetening it with honey and hot or warm , after sweetening it with honey or hot milk.

PRECAUTION: Aniseed should not be boiled for too long as it may lose its essential oil, which contains Digestive properties.

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