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Benefits of Bishop Weed

Benefits of Bishop Weed


Benefits of Bishop's  Weed

The greyish brown fruits or seed of bishop's weed (Ajwain) constitute the spice. It is used for flavouring numerous foods; as an antioxidant, as a preservative and in medicine, it is a stimulant and useful in counteracting spasmodic disorder. The oil of Ajwain, a courless, or brownish liquid, is much valued in medicine, as it has nearly all the properties ascribed to the seed.

1. Gastro- Intestnal Disorder - The Bishop's Seed has long been in indigenous medicine for the treatment of diarrhoea, dysentery, dyspepsia, cholera, colic and flatulance. The seed may be eaten with betel leaves. A teaspoon of these seeds with a little rock salt is a household remedy for indigestion. A paste of the seed can be localy applied for relieving colic pain.

2. Respiratory System - Disorder - A mixture of the seeds and buttermilk is an effective remedy for relieving problematic expectoration caused by dried up phlegm. A hot popular hosehold remedy for asthma. Chewing a pinch of Ajwain seeds with a cryastal of common salt. and clove is very useful remedy for cough caused by Acute Pharyngitis in influenza.

3. Common Cold -  Bishop's seed is useful in common cold. It has a remarkable power to open up clogged and congested nasal passages. A tablespoon of seeds crushed and tied up in a cloth bundle can be used for inhalation.

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