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Vitamin D - Why Is It So Vital?

Vitamin D - Why Is It So Vital?


Vitamin D - Why Is It So Vital?

Vitamin D is crucial for all of us because it regulates the immune system as well as makes sure that phosphorous and calcium get absorbed into the bloodstream. However, Vitamin D is important for a number of other reasons as well. Here they are -

1. Heart disease: It has also recently been agreed upon that Vitamin D reduces your chances of getting heart disease.

2. Flu: The flu is yet another disease which may not occur if you have an adequate amount of Vitamin D in your diet.

3. Depression: Vitamin D also plays a crucial role in a person's mood. The more Vitamin D there is in your body/diet, the more stable your mood is. The risks of depression are also reduced when your body/diet has an adequate amount of Vitamin D.

4. Weight loss: As mentioned earlier, Vitamin D has a number of benefits among which preventing heart disease is included. However, it is worth note that weight loss is also made easier with the more vitamin D you have. This is because Vitamin D has an appetite suppressing effect. However, it should be kept in mind that Vitamin D has to be taken alongside a lot of calcium for these appetite suppressing effects to occur.

5. Cancer: Vitamin D is imperative for regulating cell growth. It is also crucial for cell-to-cell communication. 200 genes in the human body are affected adversely when there is an inadequate amount of Vitamin D in your body.

6. Diabetes: In a recent study, it has been concluded that infants who received an adequate amount of vitamin D had their chances of suffering from Type 1 reduced by almost 88 percent by the time they turn 30.

7. Rickets: The softening of the bones is termed as rickets. Rickets is yet another disease which is caused by an insufficient amount of Vitamin D in the body. The reason for this is that calcium is not absorbed and therefore, the bones soften.  

Article Taken From - www.lybrate.com

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